Yes At Ahoy 25 November 1977

A day to remember.
I was 17 and this was my first BIG concert. Boy, this was an enormous impact for my life. One of my first concerts, with my favorite group. I had acquired tickets through the fanclub earlier, and was at the fanday a few months before. I won the competetion there, knowing the most of Yes. (Easy questions though). So I thought we would be having great tickets but no - only 2nd ring.

Anyway, bought a t-shirt (now waaaay too small) and then... we got Donovan. My o my, this was bad. The group really went angry when boo-ed away. But hey, if you'll read the rest of this review, you can imagine why I hated it from the beginning upto the end.

OK, show started, what do I remember. Truthfully NOT MUCH !! Only a fragment or two, first being the amazing Close To The Edge with great carpets of smoke and the other thing - Never to be ever forgotten - the dancing images at the background during Turn Of The Century. Boy, get shiffers when thinking of that. It seems like a lifetime ago! During the flight jam (didn't know what they were playing) we had to leave.

Yip did you read the previous sentence without falling from your chair?? Yip, we had to leave, because we had to get the last train back to Breda. Can you believe this - I was seventeen
and promised my parents to get back. So I missed Awaken, too sad to tell. We were "on time" for the latest train back. In fact we were 15 minutes early...No no don't rub me in we could have seen Awaken, I know I know..

We got home ok, and the story would have some more going afterwards. I was sent the tapes of the 24th by a guy named Aad Duifhuizen, (what happened to him....) and it was bad, bad, but it was the only one with Awaken on it I had for years (I think it was not before the nineties before I got another one, from 78) and maybe not before 97 before I finally got some 77 bootleg. Note that there were two wellknown bootlegs in the seventies but both lacked Awaken.

Boy things have changed from then, I now have sooo many Yesconcerts through the internet, including a very good recording of the day before which I listen to regularly.
But still, this one gem is still missing from my collection, does ANYBODY have a recording from the 25th?