From: Self <ems>
To: brismike
Subject: yes trades
Date sent: Tue, 30 Mar 1999 18:38:28

Hi Mike, 
read your very impressive CD list.

Before going on trades I want to introduce myself a bit.
I am from the Netherlands and a Yes fan from 1974, just missed the release of Relayer.
I'm now 38 years and teach Computer Science.
I've got some friends who are also really into Yes, but I am
the big fan, the other are more into Genesis and Renaissance.
My other interest into music is Prokofiev. If you don't know
him and we'll trade some I will record some stuff of him.

Favorite album is TFTO and Favorite Tours are 74 upto 77.
In that time I also collected the now rare LPs. I've seen you've got
many of them like Sorcerer's Apprentice, In the Round and Yesshows 77!
I saw them first in 1977 and have a vare bad (but also rare) performance
of 24/11/77. 

I really like what Yes is doing nowadays (except OYE) and the
concerts were GREAT. Read my review on the 9th march in Utrecht, The Netherlands on NFTE.

I've got a CD recorder over 3 years and made a lot of recordings
(approx. 700). 

I hope to trade with you but maybe you can tell something about yourself as well, if you want!

OK, I'll get into the main list. As I'm not such a trader I must make it now,
but I think I will save it!


Looking Around
The White Album+Gates of Delirium
Songs from Topographic Oceans
Re Evolution 
Experience the future
Sound Chaser 
Boston Gardens 12/11/74
Siberian Khatru
Stellar Attraction
Great CDR containing first part of Boston Gardens 12/11/74 
(all from various CDs, no cuts, no channel distortion, no jitter)
Sound Chaser/To be Over/CTTE/Gates/AYAI
Quasy Mystical Vision 
Jersey, 17/6/76
SK/Sound Chaser/ISAGP/Gates/LDR/Clap/Sunhillow/HOTS
Tourmato 2CD
5/5/79 Vancouver
Live in Quebec 1979
On Digital Reals
Golden Age
Age of Buggles 
9012Live - The movie - CDR
They 2CD
Resurrection Dragons 2CD
Live '86+several others
ABWH - European Tour ( I can make you CDR-80 if you want)
Say Yes 2CD
Live Webley '91
We make Believe 2CD
Around the world in 80 dates 
Koln '91
Yes - Live USA '91
Yes - Time for a planet
Chicago 2/6/94
Yessongs 1998 - 3CDR
Utrecht 9/3/1998
Yessongs 1998-2 - 2CDR
Eindhoven 11/4/1998

Jon Anderson
I've got Chagall.
Hmm, you've got all the ones I have! plus more!
I only missed Prince Rupert Awakes!

I've got Unleashing. 
Furthermore I have Rhapsodies and Criminal Record and an
excellent LP copy of No earthly Connection, Best known works,
Gole and the Burning (great music BTW)
I'm planning a 2CD of the concert I visited in 1980 (great,great)

I've also got the common Japanese stuff of Moraz (I,II,III,FM1,FM2,LIP)
plus Refugee, plus All to bring you morning complete ( THAT's a great album),
Buggles - Adventures+Bonus Tracks.
Some Genesis Boots (about 10, but can get more from my friends) 
plus AN AWFUL LOT of Renaissance

As you can see, I think you've got the most of it, but I think we could
do some interesting trades on the rest.

Please tell me if you're interested and if, how many items, you think we 
should do (the money can't be the burden as CDR's now cost about 1.5$ here!
when I first bought my recorder they were about 10$)!

Bye, Ruud