Hi Everyone, last night was the last date in our row of four consecutive yesshows and the ending of one (maybe the) most thrilling weeks of my life!

After Dusseldorf, Amsterdam twice it was time to go to Belgium, Antwerpen.

My expectations weren't very high especially not after the 22 and hearing what happened on the 23 where the Band had a relaxing lunch with a few Yesfocus fans. The drive there was ok, the weather bad. We arrived pretty early at the venue and again the people from Yesfocus were there. We had pretty nice seats, but the venue itself wasn't too good. I hate those sportpalaces, promised myself at least never to go to AHOY Rotterdam again, but Antwerp was just ok. The podium was in about two/third of the venue, leaving half free for the audience.

The orchestra opened, surprisingly good, knowing it to be there first show. I just must confess: This orchestra was a range better than the youth-orchestra from the other days! So that was nice. Than CTTE and boy, the band went for it agian! I hadn't expected such joy from them, but after Amsterdam they really seemed very relaxed. That showed sometimes in mistakes, but on the other hand, it was cool show because of it. The Orchestra was loud, very loud! Goood. At the end of CTTE the band and the orchestra were a beat apart, for about 30 seconds, but it wasn't too notable. So, wow, another great night!

After LDR and Don't Go, Jon got in a real nice Antwerp Jam, talking about the weather and the Worldcup (which he obviously avoided in Amsterdam!!! ). No Chopin imitation from Alan this night:} In The Presence Of was played great but halfway through I allready saw Ron pick up Steve's acoustic and the curtain went down, meaning...Meaning NO GATES!!

I allready read some reviews from yesterday and I can imagine people are disappointed by that. From the four nights I saw they skipped Gates twice. This is a pity for all who go just that night and I've complained on this before - like skipping RsoG in the 98 tour. For me, this is unbelievable. Indeed skip AYAI or Trooper, but many, many people come for this one. It was NEVER played in Belgium before.. OK, enough - No Gates.

Not unexpected for me (as opposite to Dusseldorf) my disappointment wasn't too big. We went on with Steve doing something unknown (have to put the recording besides that of Tilburg 2000 where he played the same tune and I got all the titles from my friend Glenn (howdy !)) and after that: Clap !! Ahh, nice hadn't heard that one yet. Thank you sir. After that the band rejoined in again a great Trooper version. I even liked this one better than in Amsterdam, especially Tom was doing more stuff.

At that point I was allready looking forward for Ritual, but two other great tunes before that, Magnification (my 4th time :}) And AYAI. Both great, mind you. The orchestra was really good, I should state that again. I believe they are going to trip for a few more days - I expect France only. BTW, there were some Yesfans in the orchestra, you could see that!

On to Ritual (Man I can't believe how fast this show passed, it MUST have been great :} ), played beautifully. Steve was really loose and tried a few new tricks, pretty nice. Even in the big Venue the mood was intense and the drumsolo very impressive. Than on to the Orchestra crescendo, my my looove that. And than we were almost thru allready? How on earth happened that :}

People and Roundabout finished off, not too much inspired, but the crowd loved it.

I was relaxing in my chair and did some jumping thinking over this last week. Boy, Yes, you have pleased me in such a way, I can't believe this really happened. It's really good to see some more show, allthough I don't think I would go over to the U.S. or U.K. to see more (hi Scott :} ). You find out Jon and the rst use some tricks, and you musn't know it too much, I think. Anyway, knowing/thinking they were going to skip Gates, this show was just excellent. Relaxed, enjoying, it was again a joy to be "In the Presence Of". Hmm, tonight NO show for me, I think I 'll take an early nap :}