Hi Everyone,

this is my review on Tuesdays Rotterdam Show.

I was pretty cinical on how this one might proceed, because I went to Ahoy Rotterdam a few times. This venues is pretty large, well for Dutchmen that is :}

This time we had "best seats", which turned to be about 100 meters from the Podium!!! When we arrived I was shocked to see that many people were queued up, turned out that most of the venue would be filled standing places! So at 100 meters with a lot of people ahead of us my friend said he'd join the standing crowd and oh sigh.. why not join.

We were able to queue in pretty quick (no will not tell the details) and because of my firm begging we immediately went into the main place. Guess what, it was STILL empty, so we managed to get at the second row !! Wow, that's about 5 meters from our heroes!!

So this night it would turn out to be a complete differnt watching to what I am used to. It has its drawbacks in the standing crowd, (disadvantage: standing(!), little space, waving people) but taken that in account and the fact we were sooo near I really was able to enjoy the show very much. They played better than in Brussels and they were loving the amazed crowd.It's such a treat to see the guys enjoying themselves, most notably Rick Wakeman who's singing along ALL the time. Something I was asking myself: When _I_ shead into tears during AYAI or Awaken (but also during South Side!) do these guys feel the same? Boy they have an amazing job then!

Well what more to say, it was all pretty perfect, can't tell about the sound IN the venue, but at the front it was darn good. The Magnification songs get tougher for me every time I hear them, but after that it was one highlight after the other.

Awaken wasn't as good as in Brussel, the magicjust wan't there as much. Too bad.

The real interesting part started at the encores.... Jon was very please to tell us they were going to play a "new song" and when I saw Ron (guitar-tech) pickup an acoustic, I knew it, "I've seen all good people". Well Jon, we're not actually thrilled to hear THAT song but for the feast which was going on it was pretty nice. After that, Roundabout, nice but not shocking. Than something happened: The band was finished but the crowd was ABSOLUTELY wild, they really didn't want them to leave. But offcourse they did, but the crowd kept screaming, screamin for more. I've never heard something like this. The light stayed dimmed, no music started, but what a noise it was, more, more, more.... Then,after a minute the lights went on and you be glad you weren't there, because there was boo-ing which was VERY loud as well.

Still everyone was puzzled, why didn't they get back again, it was such a plea!! Well at the end the music started and we gave up. Really, you would have expected to come back, but it didn't happen. After the show was over we discussed on why, but I remember they were playing hannover the next day (a very long ride from Rotterdam) so that explained a bit.

It was a magical night and it really made my Circle round. After almost 25 years I saw the guys there were it all started. Not at 100 meters and missing Awaken, but at 5 meters :}

A bit demystifying though...

That's it folks! O recording succeeded :}

Bye, Ruud