Hi Everyone,

it's Tuesday, 15.06.
In an hour or so we'll be leaving for our next Yestrip.
Not that I expect much of it. It's in the Ahoy Hall in Rotterdam which sucks. It's a big place, but nothing for Yes nowadays (or otherdays, I hate large venues).
But he, that's not what this is about.

It's about our FANTASTIC evening we had on Sunday in Brussels!!

WE were there waaaay to early so decided to stay at the back of the venue to see
the guys arrive. Well, they only arrived at 19.50, ten minutes before show.
No handshaking (anyone can spare a shake of Jon ?)
We even had to rush to get inside at time. But we managed.

the venue was a Circus Theatre (Jon later said there were lot's of clowns in the band :} ) and was very beautiful and intimate.
Fantastic seats, nearby our returned Son, the wizzzzard of the keuboards.

I just can say I was greatly surprised by this performance. Offcourse everyone writes it's great, but seeing is believeing. What an energy, it ROCKED! So this is not the dreamtime tour, it's Rock time. The setlist IS great, too bad they screw up AYAY a bit (as they did in Cardiff, haven't listened the others yet...Try to be a bit economic on Yesmusic now).
Awaken was awesome, the best I ever heard live (ha ha, not too difficult as I missed 77 (hm {: )) Rick's playing in the middle was outstanding and LONG.
Well the full setlist is Magnificent (ok, ok, I normally talk it down, but then again,
they only played great music).
So for me, Yes is the only group which can bring me to tears and that again and again. Howe played To Be Over (fantastic, but different!) and the second encore was YIND (I wish they'd played Wurm, but you can't have it all).
The only drawback I can think off is that this show is waaay to short! It was finished before you noticed...

Bye, Ruud