Ruud Ermers:

Hi All, we saw Yes yesterday in Dusseldorf. Allthough I was having a headache for the largest part of the day that completely disappeared during the yesshow :} What to say... We knew what to expect as the setlist is considered stable at the time and I have quite a few recordings from the U.S. leg. And what to add to other reports, as everyone is so positive on this tour. Not too much, I am afraid. The show is just plain fantastic, the playing is great, everyone is in a splendid mood, the visuals are magnificent and allthough the setlist has some weaknesses it's fortunate very different from last times so the enjoyment is great! Highlights to mention only a few: Particularly Turn of The Century was the highlight of the evening. How do they dare to play this song every night for halls which become completely silent at this. To quote Jon: It's amaazing. Glad I can see that song once more. I remember 77 with it's dancing ballet silhoutte in the background as being as impressive! Other highlights? The full Mind Drive Set was great, I loved the acoustic set and Ritual was great to see and to hear. BTW, the visuals created are just stunning. Ok you have to look beyond the inflatables when they're not lighted but with the correct textures they really add to the Topographic feeling. For the guys, they were all on track, but especially Howe was outstanding, it's his Yes now! Hope Alan and Chris feel as well in the band as Steve does, then we'll be enjoying them for a long time! Lastly, the German crowd was great. Not much distraction, in fact pretty quiet, still they were full into it!. And very lastly I want to thank Matthias for getting us such great seats (6th row, in the middle). We made two recordings, but both have a little issue, so we'll patch them up for a great memorable of this fantastic show!